Plenary Conference

"Uniting A Global Audience: Marketing and Sponsorship for the Future"

Wednesday, 18 April 2018
11:00-11:10   Welcome, Introductions
11:10-11:40   KEYNOTE ADDRESS:
11:40-12:30   PLENARY PANEL SESSION:  The Power of Influence Marketing
Influencer marketing focuses on specific key individuals, rather than your target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals who are followed by, or have influence over, your key buyers or audience, and orients marketing activities around them. Creating something and hoping that it will ‘just go viral’, is no longer enough. If you have the right ‘influencers’, they can provide social reach, original content, as well as a level of trust because they are already well known to your key market. Do you know who your main influencers are? Have you had a guerrilla endorsement? How can you identify them, and make Influence Marketing work for you?
12:30-13:30   LUNCH BREAK
IF presentation demonstrating innovative marketing/sponsorship initiatives that have broken new ground and been successful.
14:00-14:30   TECHNOLOGY UPDATE: Augmenting the Sponsorship Profile
The goal of event sponsors is to be as visible as possible in order to increase the return on their investment. How can Augmented Reality help a brand come alive, reach new audiences, and deliver unique experiences, both in stadiums, at home, and on any number of devices.  
Thursday, 19 April 2018
09:30-9:40      Welcome, Introductions
09:40-10:00    THE BIG PICTURE: The Current Marketing and Sponsorship Landscape
An overview of some of the key issues currently affecting the sports world globally, and what they mean commercially for sponsors and marketing organisations. 
10:00-10:45    PANEL SESSION: Socially Responsible Marketing
With athletes, events, and sports themselves under ever-increasing pressure to behave ethically, perform fairly and transparently, be role models for children, and set an example that ‘Sport Is Good’, should they also be expected to take into consideration what is ‘best for society’ when choosing commercial partners?  Should gambling companies be sponsoring sporting events? What about products that are unhealthy, addictive, or environmentally unfriendly? Do fans care who pays for it, as long as they get to see it? What are the obligations, and options, that should be considered?
IF presentation demonstrating innovative marketing/sponsorship initiatives that have broken new ground and been successful.
11:15-11:45    ROUND TABLE: Adapting to The New Paradigm
Rapidly changing technology, fickle consumers and dropping generational interest levels, a plugged-in world that expects to be entertained 24/7, the fragmented media landscape, and more pressure to stand out from competitors…the future of sport sponsorship and marketing is fraught with obstacles.  What are the main challenges that lie ahead, and how can sport best prepare for the future?  
11:45-12:30    AN AUDIENCE WITH…
Our featured Interview of the Day, with a sporting VIP.
12:30-13:30    LUNCH BREAK
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