BREAKING NEW GROUND - Areas of Opportunity in the Media Landscape

SportAccord Convention 2018 will once again host the MediaAccord which encourages dialogue and debate between press/media, international federation and commercial delegates.
13:30-14:00  MEDIA INTERVIEW: PyeongChang in the Spotlight
14:00-14:15  SCENE SETTER: Changing media consumption demographics
A look at the rapidly-changing media landscape, and how best to use new technology to your advantage. 
14:15-15:00  PANEL SESSION: Millennials and the Media
Millennials and Generation Y are currently the largest living generation, the most lucrative market in the world, and have the largest annual buying power. Traditional marketing methods don’t reach them. They rarely watch television. Magazine ads, direct mail campaigns, and radio spots, don’t register with them at all. Even traditional websites don’t grab their attention. They value authenticity over just about anything, like to align themselves with organizations doing good in the world, and use their purchasing power to support companies and events that have similar values. How do shifting demographics, technology, and priorities affect how the sports media, and sports themselves, do their jobs? 
15:00-15:30  ROUND TABLE: UGC - A threat or a bonus?
Whether it’s in-stadium, broadcast, digital campaigns, fan sites, or marketing campaigns, user-generated content (UGC) is playing a larger and more complex role in many aspects of sports brands, events, revenue generation and sponsorship. What are the pros and cons?  How is it being used as a revenue generator? How can you find it, assess it, and monitor it?
15:30-16:00  INTERACTIVE Q&A: Sports APPS for Dummies
Sports apps put the latest news, schedules, and statistics just a tap away, with the added excitement of hi-res pictures, podcasts and sometimes, even live-streamed video of the action. Learn how they work, who they attract, what’s possible, and what they have to offer your sport, your athletes, your fans, and your bottom line.
Keep checking this space for updates on the MediaAccord programme and its speakers.

Click here for the MediaAccord 2017 programme PDF