Famous Markets


This world’s largest market is commonly known among Thais as JJ (jay jay). With more than 15,000 retailers in 27 sections, occupying some 27 acre space, what makes Chatuchak busy every weekend is not only the fun of bargaining prices but an incredible variety of merchandise it has to offer, from latest fashion items and vintage decor finds to Thai crafts and teak wood tables. Section 1 gets you books and magazines, while Sections 2-4 see shops of young fashion designers. Vintage clothing items are in Sections 5-6 while art pieces are in Sections 7-9. Sections 10-24 gets you a mix of miscellaneous stuff, and you will find tables, chairs, lamps and decor items in Sections 25-27. Though the market officially opens at 7am in the morning, shoppers usually go in the afternoon when the weather is not too hot and they will hang around till 7 or 8pm.


Jatuchak Green, or JJ Green as it is commonly known, is a vintage market located in a lush park right next door to the famed Chatuchak Weekend Market. JJ Green appears to get part of its crowd from savvy tourists making their way from of the Weekend Market once it closes at 18:00. The other part of its clientele are a young group of locals enjoying the vintage finds and relative quiet atmostpthere of JJ Green.

JJ Green is set up one part flea market and one part standard, tented night market. In the flea market area you will find vintage items sprawled across organized rows of sheets on the ground. You can find items for sale ranging from license plates, to watches, to useless old car parts.
Located in one more of the more easy to access and central locations just off the On Nut BTS, On Nut Night Market caters to the expat crowd living in the area and visitors who aren’t looking to venture too far for the atmosphere and entertainment of a Bangkok night market.
While relatively small and compact compared to other markets, On Nut is a great place to meet up with a group of friends and unwind after a long day at work or afternoon spent touring the streets and temples of Bangkok. On Nut is well organized with a plethora of walk up friendly bars and a few extremely energetic live bands and bars setting the casual tone of the place.
Do you have Bangkok market fatigue and feel like everything is starting to look alike? Switch things up by browsing the gorgeous, busheling flower market off Chakphet Road – Bangkoks largest wholesale flower market, open 24/7.
The market is alive with pops of vibrant colors, scurrying delivery boys and busy stall owners simultaneously stocking, displaying and selling their goods. The crowd is a mix of wholesale buyers, individuals looking to pick up a small bouquet or offering and a few stragglers who just want to take in the esthetically pleasing environment.
The flower market is great to check out if you are looking for something different in a market, don’t enjoy shopping for clothing, or just have an appreciation for all things beautiful. The market really starts buzzing in the late evening or early morning when a majority of the deliveries occur.