Tuesday, 4 April 2017 – 09:30am-10:50am - Meeting Room 11 & 12 (Conference Room 3)
Facilitated by Mélanie Duparc, Coordinator, Smart Cities & Sport
To encourage open and frank discussion, attendance is restricted to cities, regions, national events organisers, sports commissions, host cities, bidding cities, local event organising committees, and development authorities.
In this year’s City-to-City session, city representatives will have the opportunity to share their experience on two key issues that are at the top of their minds when looking to host sport events. 
1) Explaining the benefits to our population of hosting sport events: are we using the right arguments?
Cities will have the opportunity to discuss how to engage their population about hosting major events.
2) Increasing sport participation through the organisation of a major sport event: great opportunity or wishful thinking?
This session will examine whether sport events really are a proper tool to help increase participation in a specific sport as well as identifying efficient strategies to achieve this. Cities will have an opportunity to share two key issues at the top of their minds when looking to host sport events.